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Alteryx workflow receiving a JSON file from Postman

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I am new to Alteryx and have a project that I am currently working on for my Company. We are currently building an API that will send a schema to the Alteryx workflow that I am trying to build. The schema will come as a JSON. In the meantime, I will conduct testing with Postman where I am going to send the schema to the workflow (once I know what tool to use). I did some research and I only see the "Download Tool" where it does a GET but I do not have a URL that I am getting information from (ex. Postman). Any ideas?



Hi @kelvinz - I navigated over to an article I found on the postman blog ( - in that article, I found a sample postman file in json format. Is that similar to what you will have available for input?


If so, you can use a standard Input Data tool - here's how I configured mine...note the change to the Code Page - Unicode UTF-8:



From here, it will be a bit of a parsing exercise to extract the needed info, but hopefully this is along the lines of the types of files you will be receiving.




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Hi @kelvinz I've attached a workflow using a partner tool thats very easy. It does the JSON parsing for you, and works well with Postman.  Hope this helps.  Here is link to blog for the partner solution. Attached doc provides the exact workflow for your use case.


Hope it helps.