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Alteryx suitable for data capture within a real world workflow?


I've been out of the Alteryx world for some time but am wondering if it will be capable of the following use case:


1. User A is presented with some issues where they are expected to provide comments.

2. They have to submit the comments into an application (Alteryx??)

3. The submitted comments and issue details are provided to User B

4. User B has to approve the comments entered by User A

5. On approval by User B the comments and issue details are provided to User C

6. User C has to approve the comments in the system

7. Any non-approvals will return the issue to User A


Can an Analytical App be used to capture user comments and any subsequent approvals? If so they could be written into a database which would then drive the current status of an issue and subsequently what is shown to Users A, B and C...but I'm unsure if Alteryx can be used for this data capture.


Any advise would be gratefully received.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @AndrewW,


One approach here is to use some interactive features that  are available with R.


I discussed this possibility a while back in this post: Gathering-User-Input-Row-by-Row-Using-R


That was only me scratching the surface: I imagine you could make the interface as complex as you desire.



Hope that helps!