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Alteryx on a Virtual Machine (in combination with AutoIt)


Hi all,


I am running Alteryx on a Virtual Machine (VM) to which I connect using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). 


I automated the process of running the Alteryx workflow by using several batch files (to put the data in the correct folders and open the correct Alteryx workflows etc.) and a VB Script that pushes key combinations to Alteryx (yes, I already found that pushing key combinations is not the most optimal and reliable way but I still would like to use it since I have not found an alternative yet).


This works as it is supposed to as long as I am connected to the VM being in the RDC (which means that the RDC is not closed or minimized). However, as soon as I minimize or close the RDC, the key combinations are not pushed anymore.


Currently, I am exploring the ControlSend() function in AutoIt, which should be able to push key combinations while the RDC is not active. As far as I understand correctly, I need the class name or the internal handle of the open Alteryx window to do so. 


To find these, I use a relative simple AutoIt code, which returns the following class name:

I noted that basically all my other applications (also non-Microsoft third party applications) have 'proper' names such as 'Notepad' for Notepad, 'CabinetWClass' for Explorer etc. 


Probably because of this, the ControlSend function of AutoIt does not recognize the class name and is therefore unable to push the key combinations to Alteryx. Therefore, I have the following questions which someone hopefully can answer.


What is the correct class name of the Alteryx application? 

Does anyone have experience using Alteryx on a VM and using key combinations to kick off the Alteryx workflow?

Does anyone have experience using Alteryx in combination with AutoIt? 

Is there an alternative to kick off a workflow in the described situation (i.e. on a VM)?


Thanks in advance for your answer.


Kind regards.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I use PsExec a lot to perform command line execution of Alteryx modules and wizards on virtual machines. It's useful in an enterprise environment to be able to easily specify credentials. Here's an example of the batch file code for a module:


start \\network_location\psexec \\vm_computername -u domain\username -p password "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe" "\\network_location\Example_Module.yxmd"


It's also possible to run a wizard if you have pre-configured wizard values. More information on command line execution can be found here:


Hi Charlie,


Thank you for your response. 

I am aware of the command line execution, however, I cannot use it since my license does not allow so. 

That is why I am trying to use what I described above. Any chance you have a solution for the above? 


Kind regards.