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Alteryx not importing Excel data if Excel doesn't calculate before save

We have created an Alteryx workflow that splits an Excel data set out into individual files. The data is exported into a template Excel file to a specific sheet which is hidden. When the user opens the template the data is presented to the user in a separate sheet which references the hidden data set. E.G. Cell A1 in the user sheet references cell A1 in the hidden sheet. We do this because Alteryx doesn't export to to formatted sheets. 


We then have a second routine to recombine all exported sheets into a consolidated data set. This will typically be done once the users have reviewed and adjusted values. However, we are also trying to use the consolidation routine to reconcile the exports to the original data source prior to distribution to ensure that all areas have been covered. We are consolidating from the user sheet, not the hidden sheet as the user will overwrite formulas with values and the 2 sheets will no longer reconcile.


When we run the consolidation workflow immediately after the split workflow the first 200 rows of imported values have 0 in them. We have identified that this appears to be because Excel is calculating the cell values on open and Alteryx is extracting those values before they have been calculated.  If we open and save all exported files before consolidating, the issue is resolved. 


Can we force Alteryx to delay the import of data to give Excel time to calculate?


Hi @NicholasL


If all you need is a time delay, then the CReW macros 'Wait a Second' tool should solve your problem. You can download them here. You can set it to pause for a custom amount of time.


If that doesn't solve the problem and the Excel workbooks need to be opened to recalculate, then a run command tool would probably do the trick. Let me know if it gets to that and you need help :)


Hope this helps!