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Alteryx manual with Examples needed

Dear Friends,


Being a novice to Alteryx, I wanted to know if there is any location or manual file for Alteryx which gives details of different tools/components of Alteryx along with their usages and sample examples?


(Something like Tableau help manuals where each formula is explained with examples.)


Thanks in Advance!



Hi Ashish,


The product has built in samples here:




And there is a great Tips & Tricks 2015 PDF guide here:



Hope this helps,


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

In addition to @rdoptis's post the help guide which can be accessed by hitting F1 or in the Help menu contains brilliant documentation on how to use all tools and often gives examples of functionality. Check out the functions page from the formula tool. Certain tools also have an 'Open Sample' option when you hover over them in the tool bar.

Thank you both for pointing me to correct place :)




Creative Director
Creative Director

In addition to the great resources @rdoptis and @joe_lipski point out, there a few other resources you may find useful.


In Alteryx Designer, many tools have one tool samples that show the many ways a tool can be used. Click on any tool in the Tool Palette to view a consise  description of what the tool does. If you see 'Open Example' this tool has a one tool sample to explore:

one tool samples.png


You may also find the Alteryx You Tube Channel helpful:


Tara McCoy

The online videos, community link and tips and tools are great to get started in learining Alteryx.   However, I do agree that there should be an official user guide or training workbook that first-time users and experienced users of Alteryx can reference.  Alteryx is an excellent tool and the learning resources that are available within the application, in addition to other learning resources, do give a step-by-step instruction on the most commonly used functions.  Being able to have a user guide or training workbook will be a welcome addition to the learning resources that are currently available for Alteryx.