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Alteryx keeps crashing on a browse tool

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Hello everyone,


I have a workflow and whatever I do it keeps crashing on a browse tool, especially when selecting some data.


It is fully reproducible even after restarting Alteryx / PC.


The interesting part is that when I output the data to a .yxdb - put this as input in a new workflow followed by a browse tool - it crashes as well.


Alteryx version: 2020.2.3.27789 , unfortunately I can't upgrade because of company enterprise environment and it only happens when IT decides to push new software versions.


I was wondering if it is a known issue and perhaps if there was a work around? 


Unfortunately I can't share the data, because its contains confidential information. It mostly contains, strings, integers and datetime fields.


Hi @Pingu 


The same issue on the version build you referenced has been highlighted here (shame you can't just easily upgrade!):


The following will help diagnose and suggest workarounds:

  • Do you recieve any error messages you could share?
  • What are the specs of your machine?
  • What is the size of the .ydb you are producing (size + rows + fields)?




David Thorpe

Sales Engineering

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Thanks David, Yea, it seems to be this issue:


DE25057The Alteryx application stops working when browsing the data profile on date-time data types.2020.2.2.27029Known


FYI. It are blank crashes to desktop without any error. And its only 50k'ish lines of data and about 12 columns.


Is it confirmed somewhere that this is fixed in the latest Alteryx version?

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hi...i am using Version: 2021.3.2.54175 and encountering the same problem without any error messages...did you write to alteryx support and get a response?

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I used to encounter this issue, but I've been running 2021.x for some time (now on 2021.3.2.54175), and haven't encountered it since.


Maybe it's a memory/storage capacity issue with the local machine? I'm able to look at about 95k records just fine.


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My colleague and I are having the exact same issues. Multiple times a day. I tried increasing virtual memory in Alteryx to no avail.