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Alteryx isn't reading in my excel file properly

8 - Asteroid

Trying to import an excel file with around 700 rows, 10 columns. Instead, alteryx reads in 350 different fields, and only 5 rows. Any ideas?

16 - Nebula

Your excel file might have null values in a lot of cells. Try specifying a cell range in the input data tool in the file path and name box


c:\folder name\filename.xlsx|||Sheet1$A1:J


This will load data from the first 10 columns only.


Can't really comment on the 5 rows without seeing your input file.

10 - Fireball

Hi @AkisM ,,


Could you please share a snaposhot of your file ,so that we can help you better. 


You could also see if you are having the right sheet selected and the options wherein you can implement @DavidP 's solution as well as make sure to tick the box which says first row has headers to make sure you capture all the headers correctly. 


Hope this helps.