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Alteryx is rounding two identical numbers differently


Hi, I'm having an issue with rounding (using version 2019.3, but have also had this issue in an older version).


I'm feeding the same number (60.3925) into two separate formula tools, using the formula: Round([Value], 0.001) . One of the tools produces 60.393, the other produces 60.392. As far as I can tell both inputs are identical and are using the same data type (Double).


Any suggestions on how to overcome this? I've tried using the Ceiling function to always round up but that produced even more errors than this initial problem, so I don't think that can be my solution.

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This is a little odd, are you sure the numbers are identical? Could you attach your workflow or recreate it with dummy data?


An easy solution if you're looking to round to 3dp is to bring in a select tool and convert to fixed decimal with a size of 19.3 allowing 19 digits before the decimal and 3 after. This should always round to to the relevant value.






If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know!





Hi @domlewis15 


It could be due to the parts mentioned on this thread:


There are some workarounds there too.