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Alteryx inputs incomplete data from Excel file

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Hello all,


I am fairly new to Alteryx and I tried to replicate one of the standard analyses I am routinely doing in excel in Alteryx. I have a tab with multiple rows and columns and for some reason in some cases Alteryx doesn't input the total value from selected field in excel. This happens with values that are in thousands and for some reason Alteryx inputs just part of the value (eg. instead of 1,134 it inputs only 1).


Anyone has any idea why this is happening? 


Thank you very much.

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Alteryx is reading your input as a strong because there decimal is a comma. @Treyson  put a macro into the gallery that might help you. 




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Hi @r_gratz 


Is this directly after the input tool that is has done that? or have you changed field types in a select tool to numeric?


Alteryx doesn't recognise commas in numbers, so you will need to remove them before converting it to a numeric field type.


I have uploaded an example:

The data cleanse tool enables you to remove the comma without writing a formula


The select tool enables you to change it to a double:



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Wow! I did not expect the replies to be so fast during this time of the year. I just checked and it seems the issue occurs after my first multiple join, where I changed the data type to double. I will try the data cleanse. It seems this will be the issue.


Thank you both very much!