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Alteryx has Stopped working and GetOverlappedResult:The pipe has been ended error

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Hi Guys,

When I read large file (Approx ~8 M records), A windows pop up comes and says "Alteryx has stopped working" and as well as throws the error - InboundNamedPipe GetOverlappedResult: The pipe has been ended.

It works fine with all other files. Memory seems not to be the issue. A day before, I was able to read the same file but suddenly this error has popped up and I have tried shutdowns,restarts and everything but not working.


First image shows the pop up and after closing this pop up I get that pipe error.


Looking forward to your help on this.

alteryx error 1.PNGalteryx error 2.PNG

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Ameya,


InboundNamedPipe errors can happen for a variety of reasons, but generally mean that the engine crashed. How wide is the data that you are pulling in, and do you know the actual size of the file? How much disk space do you have left on your machine, and how much RAM does your computer have? This way we can eliminate this being a resource issue. 



Jake Samuels

Principal Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.
6 - Meteoroid

Receiving the same error msg. If I remove the Interactive Charting tool (or add a new one that I haven't yet configured), it's fine again. As another mentioned, nothing showing in Browse, but there is a limited feed that continues (23 records, vs the 1k+ expected).

Also tried "cache and run workflow" on a successful run, only for it to fail the next time.


Found similar posts not yet showing resolution:


5 - Atom

Suffering from same issue, I thought it had to do with union tools or possibly strings being read as V_string vs V_W or W_strings. However, that is not the issue either. Only have this happen on the latest alteryx version.

6 - Meteoroid

@XavierT  I also thought the same but it was quite an unusual behavior. The issue resolved when I changed my SQL connection from native to OLEDB provider. 

5 - Atom

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into how the data is being pulled in. I think you are right, it's being read in or encoded will be the solution to this issue. As the data is being output in a manner that makes it exponentially bigger.

8 - Asteroid

I was getting this error during a scheduled daily workflow that:

- Load a lot of data into memory

- Used the download tool to download more data from an API

- Combined both and wrote to file


At first I thought it was a HTTP issue given all the API calls the workflow was making, but it seems to be memory (RAM) related.


I upgraded the machine from 16GB to 32GB RAM and have not had the issue since

6 - Meteoroid

I had this same issue for a LONG time on a workflow that had been working for years, and randomly started failing back in February. The fix for me was adding a "Block Until Done" tool in front of a "Download" tool that was running in parallel with other parts of my workflow. This error may occur (with my limited knowledge and observation) when Alteryx tries to do too much at once in parallel, and adding a "Block Until Done" at the correct point in your workflow could keep it from biting off more than it can chew.


Hope this helps!