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Alteryx freezes


Over the past couple of days very annoying thing happened. I'm working on my workflow, not doing anything exceptional, and suddenly Alteryx freezes. You don't get any information from OS that the Program is busy or waiting, it doesn't get the white overlay. I can still see my workflow clearly but nothing is clickable, and you can't interact with any part of the window. 


The only way to close it is to kill all Alteryx processes in Task Manager and start any unsaved work again. 


My memory sits below 50% at the  moment, CPU way way lower (16GB RAM, 2.8 Quad Core).


Has anybody else experienced it?


I had a issue with 10.0 when I had browse tool selected and hit run - it would run but then freeze. Once I stopped having a highlighted browse tool selected before hitting run and it would not crash - it was not ideal but prevented the crash.


This issue was fixed in 10.1.


Now in 10.1 I have a crash issue when I double click a prop/result window to un dock it. I have sent my info to support and guess I will have to wait for 10.1+. This was not a issue at first but I have a laptop with dual monitor setup at home and work which are a little differnet and this seems to happened once i setup home.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
No freezes or crashes here, I think any issues like this are one for
support rather than the community as they're very likely to be localised
and down to environmental factors or conflicts.


I have and before it never happened. 


Also I recognise your premise about the environment, however it happens even when doing the simplest tasks (without running anything in the background). What is weird is that is not a usual irresponsive software (the window being full opacity, no overlay, just nothing clickable. The process is also running fine in task manager

I have been experiencing something similar and I am on  I haven't found a way to consistently recreate it though.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We have now received many reports of this same thing occuring and are aware of the issue.


Development was able to replicate occasionally but could not get a consistent demonstration of the problem.  We worked with several users to get as much information as possible and we now believe that we have the scenario as well as the problem figured out.  We are testing a resolution now and hope to provide a patch release in a couple of week.


Thank you for your patience,



We experience this too very often - my solution to the problem is to just leave Alteryx to do its thing and run in the background come back 5 mins later and usually it's responsive again. Most of the time this works.


Somehow I am glad it's not just me. Yesterday I was so into my workflow, forgot to save it, then suddenly freeze and two hours of work gone.. Thank you for an update!


 dawid_nawrot, Did you check the file>open autosaved - it gets my unnamed files on crash.


@BenG could you let us know the scenario to see if we can avoid in the meantime?