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Alteryx error- Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients

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I have a workflow that creates a set of data by each employee/analyst and then individual data view of each analyst is sent out separately, all within one workflow. We are including each individual’s Data as a Table within the Body of Email.


Email list is generated automatically through the database but there is a lag in terms of marking a flag for an inactive employee in our database.


Alteryx workflow did not complete successfully whenever it came across such inactive email address and gives error like Record#1: Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients:


But the problem is that Alteryx don’t process the records for the remaining employees from the list who are active and they don’t receive their individual view.


Is there any settings which will allow Alteryx to process all records even though came across inactive recipients? Appreciate your inputs here







Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@neeleshapatil there is no way to continue the process on error as alteryx assumes that if an error occurs that something is wrong or incorrect in the data and should stop processing. If you have inactive emails in the list, you would need to find a way to filter those out upon run.