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Alteryx doesn't write excel sheet

7 - Meteor

I have 4 outputs for my workflow and all of them go to the same excel file. I just change the sheet name. The thing is: one of these outputs is not being saved in the excel file. In the end my excel file has 3 sheets instead of four. All of the 4 outputs have the same configuration so I don't understand what is wrong. I tried to change the connections in the block until done tool but it didn't work. 

If I try to write this output that is not being written in a different excel file everything is fine and the output is generate. The only issue seems to be when I try to add this output as a sheet along with the other three. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?




7 - Meteor

Already found what I did wrong. One of the 4 outputs was marked as "Overfile file (remove)" and it was being generated after the output that was not being saved in the excel file. It was just a matter of me understanding what outputs were being generated first and put all of them as "Overwrite sheet (drop)"