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Alteryx designer crashing

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I just downloaded the Alteryx Designer 2021.3 x64 (user), and it keeps crashing me just a couple of seconds after I lunch the app

what is the cause? and how can I solve it?


thank you

8 - Asteroid

I use the Alteryx 2020.2 and it seems to be crashing for me too.

9 - Comet

I just had this issue too, using 2021.2


I restarted my computer and kept trying to open it, eventually, it worked.


Edit: After a few minutes running, it starts crashing. I had 2019.2 on another machine and this version is working without crashes.

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I've got the same issue as well. I run Alteryx on 2 machines, 1 locally and 1 remotely, I have v2021.2 on 1 PC and v2019.3 on the other and both have started crashing in the last 20 minutes.



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This is happening to me as well. I was on v2021.2 and it crashed every time I opened it. I updated to v2021.3 to see if that fixed the issue, but it's still crashing every time I open it. I was using it all day yesterday without any issues and now today I'm having the problem.

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Same here.  All users that have reported are having the same issue.  2021.2

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Tried updating, reinstalling, restarting... Nothing working so far.

10 - Fireball

We are facing the same issues with 2020.3.4.     My co-worker has had no issues until this morning and now all productivity has stopped.


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We are having the same issue here. One other user and I are running two different versions (2021.3.2 and 2021.1) and both were working fine yesterday and crashing today.

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Seems like most of us have the same problem then.