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Alteryx creating sub groups

6 - Meteoroid

Dear Alteryx community,

i was hoping if anyone could kindly help on solving the following issue:

i currently have a raw listing (with accounts, document numbers and amounts) in which i proceed to filter certain selected accounts using another file. Subsequently i am not sure how to break the respective raw listing into separate accounts (while maintaining the document number, account and amount details).

I have attached the following:
1. Raw listing 

2. Accounts to be filtered

3. Example of the desired result

4. current incomplete formula

P.S. i don't want to just "group by" in a single listing, i am hoping to break them into separate individual listings.

Appreciate all the help ,

Many thanks and best regards,

13 - Pulsar

You were VERY close!


I created a formula to create the sheet name and then the important part is the configuration of the Output tool when you check "Take File/Table Name From Field"

11 - Bolide

Hi @ahmad_mohamad 

You did it perfectly. According to my observation, you need only to change the date format. So I add only a Datetime tool and deselect some of the columns.



Check this...




6 - Meteoroid

Hi  @cmcclellan,

Thank you so much for your help the solution is perfect , i was just wondering if its possible to create the subgroups using another function as i would like to perform further work done on each subgroup in Alteryx before finally exporting into excel.



so rather than end the flow i want to carry on adding a few more functions to each respective subgroup. Hope this makes sense. Thank you so much!

13 - Pulsar

Sure, you can do whatever you need and then you write to the output.  Just follow the same format when writing the file and it will work 🙂   Each sheet can actually have different columns if that's what you're after 🙂