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Alteryx converting shape file unreadable in tableau


We have a shape file downloaded from a government website.

The shape file has data for pipelines and the shapes are lines and polylines.


When we save the file somewhere using alteryx , it converts something in the file that tableau can not read and throws an error  "Error: LineStringPrimitive must have at least two coordinates".


Tableau can read the original file as is without any issues , but when we simply bring the file in Alteryx using Input tool and just write back as is using the output tool, it changes something that tableau throws an error.


it may sound weird that why we are doing it if we are not changing anything..; well we want to do some processing but tableau kept throwing error! so to find the source of the error we kept taking out steps and saw that it still throws and error even when we don't change anything.



Attached is the workflow just for demonstration. I am not attaching the shape file as it is huge in size.


If you already know what is going on based on the description I gave, please let me know what can be done. 




Might be a silly suggestion but have you tried outputting it to .tde (tableau format)?

Also never heard of this type of input might be worth converting it to some other format before putting it through alteryx and/or tableau?



Thanks for your response Karlo, but  shape (*.shp) is a specific type of spatial file which has geographic objects. I think (*.tde /*.hyper) can not handle that.




Hi @Ashish

Would you be able to work with a ".tde" file just to even check if the error is produced due to the file output ".shp"

Just as a check. I unfortunately dont have tableau installed so will not be able to check for you.