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Alteryx connector for Microsoft AX Dynamics 365

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Hi Everyone.


I am new to this community & ti the Alteryx tool itself. Super excited to learn more about this & evaluate it.

I have a task as part of evaluating this tool to get some data analysed from Microsoft AX Dynamics 365. Can someone kindly point me to a POST\page with some examples of how to achieve this through Alteryx?


Thank you in advance.



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I had built an API using Alteryx before for this. You need to first get your OAuth key from CRM making a GET request with the download tool. They will send you your key back, with which you need to make the request to your companies website. In the second request you specify the table using ?<PARAMETERS>, such as Clients. Use the download tool for both and include any authorisations required in the header.


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HI Ryan,

could you give me more details about it? I did the first request. Into the colum DowloadHeaders I have a 


HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Content-Type: text/html
REQ_ID: 2d3fd511-f11c-440b-b2e2-cd1c4b7a6518
WWW-Authenticate: Bearer authorization_uri=<code>/oauth2/authorize, resource_id=https://<my crm>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 09:44:41 GMT


what I have to do now ?


Many thanks,


Many thanks

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Hey Ryan,


I was wondering if you happened to have an example worklfow on how to retrieve d365 data. We are trying to do something similar via Odata, and any inspiration is much appreciated. There are CRM input tools available on Alteryx but I am not sure if these could also be used to retrieve the data from d365 via Odata calls. Probably best too stick with the regular download tools. I am a bit of a newbie to d365 too so I am still trying to figure out how to get the information on Odata from there. Can you help me out?

Any tips would already help a great deal!


Cheers and thanks in advance!