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Alteryx connection using ODBC throws an error


Hi All,


I am getting this below error while executing my workflow. As I am testing this workflow on my desktop, my account gets locked out while this error comes up.


Error: Input Data (57): Error SQLDriverConnect: [SN][ODBC ServiceNow driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]Cannot connect to the instance. [dataSource=ServiceNow] [user=ODBC_user]java.lang.IllegalStateException: Authentication state already initialized[1001]


I am using an ODBC connection to MySql database and in Alteryx I am using Alias manager to handle the connection string and using this connection many number of times in the workflow in the Input tool.


Is there any issue with me using the connection more than once in the same workflow?


Can you please help me in knowing, where the issue is arising from?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Dennis,

Are you able to connect to that ODBC from ODBC Manager? 

How about using the connection "plain"? (I mean not from the Alias Manager)


Finally, if you just try to connect to it just once (Maybe on a different workflow), the error is still there?