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Alteryx connect to VSTS via API URL (Azure) using Personal Access token


I am trying to access VSTS API URL (Azure) from Alteryx using download tool. Normal configuration with email id password couldnt establish the connection. Then while searching came accross the use of Personal Access token. Could you please share the sample code if you have done something similar to this.




In the connection Download tool header option you need to use PAT token as well as convert the PAT to 64 bit using powershell


@MaryMargret Are you able to share an example workflow or screens shots of the configuration of the download tool? We are facing this exact problem. 

Am I correct in understanding that the normal PAT token is 32 bit and we need to have both 32 bit and 64 bit in the text input going into the download tool?


Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated. 


Thank you,



Hi All, 


Attached is an example of how to successfully connect to VSTS/Azure DevOps via Rest API for a GET request. Adjustable for PUT or POST requests as well. 


Hope this helps some users looking to do this. Need to update the first API endpoint with your proper URL and then paste in your personal authentication token. Both of these changes are made in the text input tool. The API endpoint provided will take a query and return all of the work item IDs from the query. 


Other endpoints can be found in the Microsoft ADO documentation:


Feel free to reach out if anyone has questions.





Hey Cameron. Your post really helps. But can we also update a column in TFS WorkItem through Alteryx.


How to find the token then? In the example, there is a field called "Token".


I figured out how to generate the personal access token. It is in DevOps area. Here is the instruction from MS:


However, I have received the token truncated error message. So, I wonder if anyone can help a bit further.