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Alteryx and SharePoint

7 - Meteor

One question I typically see is how do I connect to Files in a SharePoint Library or Folder.  Followed by How do I connect to a SharePoint list. 


In your SharePoint documents folder go to the Library tab. Click on Open with Explorer. Please note: your SharePoint administrator may have this option disabled.




This will trigger a pop-up a File Explorer folder window in Windows with all of the documents contained in this SharePoint folder. Simply drag the document you want straight to the Alteryx Canvas.


The Input tool will appear and it will contain the URL for your SharePoint document. It should look like the below. Keep this in mind should you need to write data back out to the SharePoint Library.




If the administrator has the file explorer option blocked, you will need to type in the URL manually within your Input Tool. There are several ways to do this depending on how the server is set up.


Do you want to pull in items from a SharePoint List? Did you know there is a SharePoint List Input Tool and a SharePoint List Output Tool?


Perform a search for SharePoint or pull this Tool from the Connectors tab of your Alteryx Tool Palette.


SharePoint List Input Tool.jpg

You will need to select the version of SharePoint you are using.


Enter the URL of the list in the SharePoint URL field.


Enter your user name with how it is set up for your site. It could look something like this;




Then enter your password in the Password field. Alteryx will connect to your site behind the scenes. You can tell your log in was successful if the List field automatically populates with the different lists found in your SharePoint site.


Please note the View will always display the default view for the SharePoint List. If you have created any custom views, they will appear in the drop-down.


Thanks for sharing @dawnh80 !

16 - Nebula

Thanks @dawnh80 .


I use Lists quite frequently but I have yet to get non-list documents working in SharePoint 365. Does this method work in 365?



7 - Meteor

I'm assuming you are missing the Library tab in 365?  If you have access to manipulate the SharePoint modern page, you can go to Return to classic SharePoint > Settings > turn on the Ribbon tab to see if the Library tab appears. Let me know if that works as I do not have access to 365 as of yet.