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Alteryx and Oracle Passwords

Alteryx Partner

We have an Alteryx implementation where each user connects to Oracle using their own Oracle credentials. We do not use a Service Account. We run into a conflict when the password expires in Oracle. Alteryx does not seem to have a way to allow users to manage their passwords in Oracle. I can find the functionality I want in Toad, but obviously want to use Alteryx as its easier to integrate to other data apps and more user-friendly. Does anyone have any experience managing Oracle passwords, or allowing users to change passwords, with Alteryx?




Hi Lou,



We have the same issue.  Oracle passwords are a nightmare especially at the frequency we have to update them.  The only thing we can do is make sure all of our Oracle connections are maintained in the 'Manage Data Connections' and we use the those connections in all of our workflows so when a password needs updated for a particular connection, we only have to change it once in the Manage Data Connections window and it cascades to every workflow.  Since every one on the team has a unique password, we just have to make sure everyone is using the same naming conventions so we can run each other's workflows.  


I manage all of my passwords in the data connection however the oracle password changes never update.

I manually update the password and alteryx locks my account.

I have to remove the connections and recreate them.


There has to be a better way.