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Alteryx Workflow Style Guidelines




We are trying to develop Standard Workflow Templates at our company.  These will include a legend box (e.g. colors for input, outputs, calculations).  We would like to also have header information that includes:


1) Author of Workflow

2) Date created

3) Data Source

4) Purpose of the workflow

5) General Notes


Is there any way to have this sort of 'general template' be saved as a keyboard command, or within Alteryx itself?


Thank you,



One of the workflow options before configuring anything is to put in the name of the workflow, author, company, copyright, etc. There is also a place to put a description for the purpose of the workflow. While there isn’t a macro or hot-key to put this in, it is most likely a good place to start. 


Another thing my company has implemented is creating a template workflow to share with other analysts that uses comment ones and even pictures within the workflow. Perhaps this could be another solution?


I’m curious to know if you find anything else that works for documentations around workflows.


Hope that helps!


No, that is a great idea. We can just come up with different templates for different type of workflows.  


Thank you for your help,