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Alteryx Trial / Project Edition


Hi everyone,


I'm Jeremie. I use Alteryx at work and I really love it. I would like to use it at home for fun and to master it further. Unfortunately I can't afford the price of a personal license.


I was wondering what the limits of the Trial or Project Edition (I read both terms) were. I'm fine with less functionnality but is there a time limit? Or will I only be able tu run my workflows a certain number of times?


Kind regards,

Alteryx Partner

hi Jeremie,

the trial version is limited on time (14 days) and not functionality.

you can fully utilize all the features until its the 14th day of installation.

they do have a long term free license but that is covered by the Alteryx for Good program



I don't think I qualify for "Alteryx for good" program. Is there not a free version of the tool with diminished features or cloud-only, like tableau public?

Alteryx Partner

Although, Alteryx Gallery is free to use, but you only can freely run or download those apps which were available. nothing much to do.

They run a pre-release beta evaluation program wherein you can volunteer to test bugs and in return receive a 3 month free license.


Alteryx Partner

What will happen when my 14-day trial of the designer expires considering the cost of license is high? will i still get to use alteryx with limited features?

Alteryx Partner

After the trial expires, all the tools will be locked out, you can then unlock after making a purchase.


Thanks @r4upadhye for the reply. I would like to know if there is any Alteryx version similar to Tableau public.




Alteryx Partner

It says "Access Denied". How can I get access to this?