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Alteryx System Requirements 1TB install size?




I want to download and install the Alteryx Designer Trial on my laptop. I noticed in the minimum system requirements it says hard drive space 500 GB to 1TB.  Does an Alteryx Designer install really take up between 500GB and 1TB of disk space?


Hi @PepeLePew


No the Alteryx install itself doesn't take up that much space. That size is suggested as there is an expectation that there will be a lot of data running through the machine. So will allow for the temp space required for that.


The Alteryx install itself is a few GB I think.

Hello @JoeS,


Does it means if i have less than 1 TB of Hard Disk there are chance when i run the process in Alteryx( In my case i am running a Stored Procedure through Alteryx) it might ran out of space and load less number of records then what it should be.


I have a process set up in which Stored Proc loads 43 K of records while running directly through SQL Server but when i am running the same Stored Procedure through Alteryx  its only loading 30K of records.


Hi @UpendraPandey,


Depending on the space available you should be fine. 


Are you getting any warnings/errors about space?


I think it may be something else going on as to why you are getting less records via Alteryx.


What is it that your SP is doing and how are you running it using Alteryx?