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Alteryx Suddenly Can't Connect to Oracle DB

I have been using Alteryx with two Oracle DB's for many months. Today, I was having some issues with the Gallery and tried to recreate one of the connections, and now, even though it tests just fine, Alteryx freezes and crashes when I try to do do any kind of input. This goes for both the regular input tool and the in-db connection tool. The other database still works even when I recreated the connection. 


Other applications still work with this database just fine. Using Alteryx 11.364. Upgraded and did not solve the issue. No error is thrown. The program just stops responding. Please help. 


I am at a loss of what to do about this. I use this data source every day in all my models, and Alteryx is almost useless to me without it. 

Yes, test connection still works just fine. I just can't do anything with it. 


Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Did you ever get a resolution to this? I am currently having the same problem and it's incredibly frustrating.