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Alteryx Scheduler unable to run when connecting to In DB


My issue is that when I run my workflow with Alteryx open the workflow competes with no errors or issues.  However, when I create a schedule to run the same workflow I get errors.


I am trying to connect to my local SQL express database. The error message reads:


"Unable to find conncetion sql express connection"


The credentials appear to be correct as I can connect to the database when Alteryx is open.


Does anyone know the potential causes of such a problem which I can investigate?




@Rfallis As per my email the error message you are encountering indicates that scheduler is unable to locate the connection referenced in the connection string of your input tool. The most common causes for this to occur are that the ODBC DSN or alias referenced doesn’t exist on the workstation/server running scheduler, that the ODBC DSN or alias name are not exact matches, or that the ODBC DSN or alias are defined as a User DSN or User alias instead of as System. Please note that User defined DSN’s and aliases are only available to the user that defined them. As such they would not be available to the scheduler process.


In order to further isolate the cause of the issue I will need some additional information regarding your workflow, ODBC settings, and Alias configuration. As this information is likely sensitive please provide the information I requested in response to my email instead of via community.