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Alteryx SQL Code Interpretation


I have a dashboard in QlikView and a dashboard in Web Intelligence, both dashboards reflect the same financial figures, no delta between the dashboards.  Neither dashboard have any filters in place.  My goal is to use the SQL code from either dash to fuel an Alteryx workflow.


The issue:  Both sources of SQL when plugged into an Alteryx input tool yield the same results in Alteryx, but unfortunately those results don't match either of the dashboards.  I initially thought I must have screwed something up downstream in my workflow, so for a sanity check, after my input tool I immediately outputted into an .xlsx and pivoted my results but reached the same delta as before.  It's strange, there's not a delta across the board, some quarters match perfectly (Alteryx vs. the dashboards) but others don't.  Again, there aren't any filters on the dashboards.


Not even sure where to start in order to address.  


A few questions to consider that might help pinpoint.

1. In your dashboards are you doing any joins/blends leveraging join syntax from the dashboard vendor? 

- You may need to add unions to your join tools in Alteryx if leveraging local tools in order to recreate the join results you are familiar with from your database SQL query. You may also consider leveraging the in-db tools which offer a somewhat more native experience to your supported vendor database?


2. A common sanity check I run when working with DB in Alteryx is to actually use the Connect in-db tool with the dynamic output in-db. You can configure this in such a way where you can see the actual query being executed on your DB per the Alteryx Engine I believe the in-db tool defaults to CTEs where the CTE is a random tool### generated at run time against your target db. 


If you are able to post some screenshots or share dummy data it might be easier to understand issue. Let me know if this helps.