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Alteryx SAS output not recognised by SAS (base SAS 9.3)


Hi there, 


I attempted to export data created in an Alteryx workflow as a SAS file (.sas7bdat) and then read the table into SAS via a LIBNAME statement. 


When doing this, I get the error message in SAS - Not a SAS file, file format  not recognised.


Is this expected and if not any suggestions of the best work around?


I do not want to export the data from Alteryx as a csv and upload it into SAS, as it is essentially an address datafile with approx 1000,000 rows with commas in the address field. 




Hi @Citauma,

I would be interested in see the LIBNAME statement you're using to read the table.  I'm no SAS expert, I would like to have a better understand of the script you're using to read the .sas7bdat file.  I've haven't been able to reproduce this issue so far. 


Hi Wayne


The statement was simply;


libname TESTLOC 'c:\........';


I must also say that the underlying data is a combination of numerical fields and long text strings (address data). When I create the SAS file with just numeric fields the file can be read into SAS.


When I do a combination of both numeric and character fields, SAS cannot recognise the data as a SAS dataset. I think it must have something to do with the existing issue known to Alteyx where the bit count increases by a multiple of 4 when creating SAS sas7dbat files.