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Alteryx Public Preview for Designer is now available!

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If you don’t know what the Alteryx Public Preview is, this blog post explains in detail what is available for user testing in Alteryx Designer right now! 


How to get Started with Alteryx Public Preview 


  • Block out time on your calendar - This iteration of Alteryx Public Preview Program closes on August 11th. 
  • Sign In/Up - link 
  • Download - Choose either the Designer Admin or Non-Admin Build (Which installer should you use? Find out here .) 
  • Install - Use provided license keys to activate the beta license for Designer.  NOTE: These license keys will expire at the close of the Public Preview program.   
  • Test - Use Public Preview in your production environment.  Test daily tasks and use your most popular workflows and data connections.   Use Public Preview to replicate your most usual 'day in the life' to ensure that all functionality works as expected. 
  • Report Issues here share Ideas and Suggestions here . 

If you have any questions just send a note to, and we will gladly help you!  



Alteryx Pre-Release Program