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Alteryx Process Manager Timed Out in ConnectNamedPipe in 1000ms





I got the above error while running an alteryx workflow in a R code. 

Please suggest possible reasons and solutions for it.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you cannot connect, what does the R code contain ?

I believe there was some issue with a dead connection of R output. I just deleted and reconnected the R output to next tool and it is working properly now. 



Alteryx, how is this a solution? 


I am facing a similar issue where in i am importing access tables using Input Tool to merge with the workflow data. I get the same error with ConnectNamedPipe in 11000ms. It happens every 2-3 days while testing. As a workaround i am just recreating connections. Is there permanent solution to it?


I got this error today in a workbook with several input tools connecting to xlsx files. I am not using any R tools. 

Alteryx - are you looking into a solution rather than this workaround?

Alteryx Certified Partner

I also have received this error recently but have not been able to pinpoint an exact cause.




I am also getting this error when dealing with joins from a Teradata database connection. 

I have two users come accross the same instance for different data connections, one Sharepoint the other excel.


This is a bug and needs to be fixed as soon as possible, and not marked as solved.. IMO