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Alteryx + Power BI - Calling all PowerBi users

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi All


Not entirely an Alteryx related question but calling on Alteryx + powerBi users. 


We are currently evaluating PowerBI vs Tableau. We have a great working method with Tableau and Alteryx to create and distribute datasources and viz. 


We are however struggling to understand a good or workable method with PowerBi. 


Would appreciate any insight as to how you may be achieving this in your company and any pitfalls limitations you are experiencing.


Key challenges: 

Getting the Alteryx data outputs to PowerBi

Developing the viz

Distributing the viz


Thanks in advance





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Alteryx Certified Partner

Would love to hear where you got on this question? Did you settle on one? 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @joshuaburkhow 


Yes, after a period of review, we are sticking to our existing tech stack of Aleteryx + Tableau. 


The challanges we faced with PowerBi where primarily infrastructural, It does require a strong back end if you like, requiring us to drop our reporting tables somewhere where it can access them easily and that's where we stumbled. 


Where with tableau we could extract, crunch then drop the reporting table in hyper format directly on server and have it visualised in minutes, We hit a variety of walls as we tried to determine how best we do this with PowerBi, to the point where every avenue appeaed to reduce productivity or required us to setup new infrastructure. 


On the PowerBi API - That was pretty useless - Limited and slow, only good for small file drops. 



Alteryx Everything, Leave no one behind.