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Hi Alteryx Team


I know this isn't a workflow question but.. What is the benefit of Alteryx over Access? My manager is challenging Alteryx saying that he can run a million row Item in almost the same time as alteryx in Access. How do I prove him wrong and show him the true benefit of my Alteryx over Access with Facts?  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @porpergrey 


You could tell him that Alteryx has no limit on the records.


Also the chance of typing some SQL formula wrong is impossible given that you don't need to type the commands, just use the tools. You can also check the results after every tool which helps you in case there was a mistake on some part to correct it easily.


You could also enable performance profiling just to give him real numbers and showing him the time alteryx needs to process the data. To enable it go to your workflow canvas, then on the right configuration window go to 'Runtime' and activate the last checkbox.


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There are soooo many reasons Alteryx blows Access out of the water that there likely isn't enough time/space to get to them. 


  • Access isn't meant to build full analytical solutions > Alteryx can connect to websites, pull data, clean it, build a pdf report, or publish data out to multiple sources at once
  • Access isn't easy to troubleshoot if you aren't intimately familiar with it. It's a known thing to have people up and running with Alteryx after a few hours
  • Access can't handle advanced analytics without a crazy amount of coding if that. Alteryx has a ton of tools already built for users to analyze data to their hearts content. 
  • Access isn't easily shared. Alteryx is in a format and design where the idea is that people who don't have years and years of experience can open a workflow and easily understand what's going on. 

I suggest you keep looking around for more examples. I promise after working a while with Alteryx you'll agree. It happens over and over and ....






In addition to the above, I'd would add that our first use case with Alteryx involved a process originally designed in access. 


The original process took over two hours to load data, modify and run multiple queries, and then get an output. 

in Alteryx that process now runs in less than 5 minutes and does additional error checks and outputs to multiple formats including a tableau server. 

Oh, and the original process was two separate access dB due to table size.


outside of processing, to me the speed is also in development and then additional analytic capabilities   The possibilities are endless with what you can accomplish. Web scraping, api downloads, python code, predictive analytics, the list goes on and on...


Find two of your datasets and perform a Fuzzy Match using name or address.  Then ask your manager how he would achieve the same result with Access.


Find a simple process that needs some data wrangling or joining of two datasets, and compare an Alteryx solution to an Access solution.  And compare the time it takes to develop those solutions.


I've used Access for many years, and I've written many Access queries and lines of VBA code.


From a total functionality standpoint, Access does not even come close to the capabilities of Alteryx.


If your manager has an open mind and tries Alteryx for just a short period, that manager will very likely become an Alteryx supporter.