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Alteryx Locking Up With Two Database Connections


I have a workflow that has two Teradata connections writing to two different tables. The workflow will complete if I only connect one output. Once I connect both, the Summarize right before the Output Data will lock up at 50% and do nothing until I hit stop. I thought maybe there was a problem with two outputs to the same database so I tried Block Until Done before each output similar to if I was writing to two excel sheets within one workbook. When I did that the summarize still locks up at 50% and the original path that would finish now locks up block until done at 88% and nothing writes out.  The flow works fine if I write to an Excel file or CSVs.


I figured it out. Apparently it had to do with one of my formulas having a datatype of V_WSTRING with a size of 1073741823. I only needed a double so apparently teradata was expecting that massive text string and it was locking things up.