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Alteryx Help hotkey question for custom compiled Help


I have decompiled the AlteryxHelp.chm file, re-generated the help project, index and contents files and added my own compiled HTML help as a merge file in the AlteryxHelp.hhp project.  After doing so, I recompiled "AlteryxHelp.hhp" into "AlteryxHelp.chm", incorporating my custom help project/contents/index files. My custom entries are present when I copy both the new "AlteryxHelp.chm" and my custom "IDM-Macros.chm" into bin/RuntimeData, but I cannot figure out what pointer to use in the Interface Designer for our in-house macros to allow the user to highlight the custom macro, hit F1, and display the custom HTML directly.


Creative Director
Creative Director

Hi Tim
There are two things you need to do. 

  1. Make sure your macro references the help file.
    1. Open your macro file and view the Interface Designer window.
    2. From the properties screen, check the Help box and type: 'AlteryxHelp:' + help file name
    3. The *.htm extension is implied, so leave that off. For example, our Canadian Geocoder Macro reads: AlteryxHelp:CanadaGeocoder where CanadaGeocoder.htm is the help file that resides in the AlteryxHelp root folder.
  2. Save the help file in the root folder of the help. You will notice all of our tool pages are not in any subfolders of the help directory. When you re-compile the help, ensure you name it AlteryxHelp.chm and save it in the install directory: Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData

Take a look at any of our macros to see this in action. Let me know if you run into any problems.


Tara McCoy