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Alteryx Formula Tool

8 - Asteroid

Dear Experts,


I need to create the formula new big multiple headers with using if function attached is the sample workflow but my output data type should be in fixed decimals 


I am getting error in the formula itself also one more thing if I change the data type from string to fixed decimal getting conversion error waring in Alteryx what is the best for that,  please provide the solution in the workflow it will be helpful.


Thanks for your help....

11 - Bolide



There appears to be two issues:

1. You're using inverted commas around a number when you don't need to

2. You're referencing the field you're creating within the formula


If you remove the inverted commas, your formula is validated as below:



However, you get an error because the field "New Revenue + Profit for the year 2021" hasn't been created yet.


How you get around this depends on what you're trying to do but start with not referencing the "New Revenue..." field in your formula.


I know I haven't completely fixed your issue but hopefully I've pointed you in the right direction for you to resolve yourself.

12 - Quasar

Hi @STAR1BANU — Try this solution with Fixed Decimals:


Also, using a "Select" tool (after the "Input Data" tool) is always helpful to know about the data type of each field.




Please mark this solved if it helps.