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Alteryx Encryption - Workflows


Hi Alteryx Community,


  1. Is it possible to make the Alteryx file read only? I have seen the option that you will have to do so in the windows permissioning in properties, but no furthermore instructions I could find.
  2. Is it possible to encrypt all tools? 
  3. Is it possible to encrypt the file to only allow certain users to use it, if so how? I tried encrypting the workflow through the options tool bar, but it tells me to input 'serial numbers' of users. What are the serial numbers of the users? I have read online that it is the e-mail address associated with the license key, but when I inputted my own e-mail used to register I couldn't open the encrypted file.
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @annie ,


When encrypting a workflow, the serial numbers are usually the email accounts associated to each license.


On 'Help' -> 'About' you can see there the serial number associated to each license.


Remember to add one mail per line:



I don't it this is what you are looking for. Hope it helps :)






THanks for the response!


Unfortunately I do not have a serial number that I can see. My company revoked admin access for all the users... So i do not know if we are able to encrypt workflows now.