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Alteryx Download tool question

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Hi everyone,


I am using the Alteryx Download Tool to download some data from Qualtrics API (A survey platform) and I've managed to make a successful call to Qualtrics API to download some survey responses. 


However, the file downloaded is a zip as described in the Qualtrics API documentation. The file is shown in the DownloadData column.




Is there a way to read into this file from the download tool?


I've attached my workflow for reference. Though some of the details are removed for the sake of data privacy.



Many thanks

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At a high level, I think if you pass the filename/path into a Dynamic Input tool, you should be able to properly read the file at runtime, as Alteryx can natively read from Zip files.  Unfortunately, I don't have a great example of this, as I don't use Qualtrics, so this is just a theory for now.

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Thanks @Jdang1. I was struggling with the responseexports query from Qualtrics with the Content-Type. It works now thanks to your workflow.


I am also able to read the zip file with the dynamic Input tool:

  1. Create a text field containing the Qualtrics output file - however keep a .tmp extension (or something else) because for an unknown reason you can't open the zip file if you chose a .zip file extension in your output file
  2. Create another text field containing the Qualtrics output file and the name of the file you want to unzip in the Qualtrics zip archive (e.g., "C:\Temp\test.tmp|TEST.csv")
  3. Specify the name of the Qualtrics output file in the Download tool instead of using a temporary file
  4. Use the Dynamic Input tool with your field name created in step 2
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Hello  @Jdang1 and @FrancoisP,


Did either of you build the iterative macro, to check for file export completion?




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Also, @FrancoisP, Do you have an example of your dynamic input tool? Thanks!
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Also, @FrancoisP, Do you have an example of your dynamic input tool? Thanks!

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Hi @action-analytics 


Jdang1 already shared his workflow.


As for the dynamic input tool, here are more details


dynamic input tool.jpg