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Alteryx Designer vs Alteryx Server Version


Does it matter what the relative versions are between our main server and our user’s local copy of Designer?



1) If a new version of Server/Designer is released, and one of our users upgrades the Designer on their local machine before the admin team can upgrade Server, will the user experience any issues (e.g. downloading and uploading workflows from the Gallery)?

2) If a new version of Server/Designer is released, and the admin team upgrades server before any users, with the admins or users experience any issues (e.g. Gallery not being able to run uploaded workflows)?


In summary, is there a recommended (or required) order that the software should be upgraded?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

My understanding of this is that you cannot publish to an older version of Alteryx Server. You can only publish up versions (i.e. the server can be newer but the designer can't be).


You should be able to download content though.


So server first, then designer.




Ben, thanks for the quick reply.


Do you know if your information applies to all upgrades?  Or just major ones?  For instance if a user has 2018.4.5, but Gallery is 2018.4.4, will the user have issue?


I guess my concern is that, since Designer prompts users every time the open it to upgrade to the latest and greatest, a user might unintentionally upgrade and all the work they do can't be migrated to the Gallery until weeks later after the admin team has checked for bugs and gone through IT change control.


I haven't tested it, but i thought Alteryx added a function starting in 2018.x that allows the user to open other versions without issue. I don't know if that translates to the Gallery though.