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Alteryx Designer/server using Sharepoint input files

Hi, I have built a workflow that uses two input files located on sharpeoint. I can run on the designer no problem, however on the server, it will not run as it cannot access the location. This is due to requiring credentials to be confirmed. I have searched and not been able to find any solution. Was wondering if anyone had a solution to his or if Alteryx would be developing this functionality at any point?

I use this function very frequently. Have you given permissions on the SharePoint site for the Alteryx Server ID so it can access the files? 


We read and write to share point list  using Alteryx .    

1) Create a  shared/batch/server  id 

2) Grant id  permissions  to  access  share point 

3)  In wf  use this id   and test in desktop 

3) Save wf  on server  and  set wf credentials to use this id 


Note : We use this id  to access  databases ,  files on share drives and share point  lists.


These are  our share point tool configurations 



Thanks for the reply, could you help guide how I would do this?

IT department and  your Alteryx server admin  can help  with  setting up   Alteryx  batch id  .  


Hi, Thanks again for the response. We are fairly early in the adoption of Alteryx and my IT/server guys do not know exactly what it is you are referring to. Could you provide any more detail please?

The Alteryx Server needs to have an ID so that it can be added to SharePoint Permissions, just like a normal user can be added. That ID needs to have appropriate permissions on the site or lists so it can interact with them.




Hi, Thank you. Apologies for the slow response. I have added the server ID to the sharepoint permissions, however still encounter the same issue. My IT team also do not know how to resolve. Quite frustrating. I am actually surprised this kind of interaction isn't a standard activity for Alteryx.

Hi @jaymullens ,

You can contact .