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Alteryx Designer scheduling workflow shows macro error


Hi all


I want to run a scheduled workflow on my Alteryx Desktop Designer. 

My workflow contains the "Twitter search macro". 

The scheduler gives me following error message:

Tool #1 Cannot find macro "Twitter Search\Twitter Search.yxmc".


When I run the workflow manually, it works fine.


What can I do to solve the problem ?


Many thanks





after upgrading to Alteryx Designer 11 and copying the Twitter Serch Macro files to the folder: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Macros


I get a new error message:

Screenshot 2017-02-22 14.26.23.png


After downloading the available tool I get the same error message. Is there a new tool available somewhere or is this error message just to see as an information ?

Because the workflow seems to run. Hopefully without any errors.


Many thanks



Dear @vizda


There is indeed a new Twitter Search Tool:


More information on our Help Page for v11.  Or via the Global


Global Search.jpg


You may download the Tool from the following direct Link (use Chrome to download, if using IE please change extension from .zip to TwitterSearch.yxi before double clicking to install"


Regarding your first question.  I believe your issue was to do with not packaging the workflow including all dependencies such as "Twitter Search Macro".


If you want to schedule a workflow to run from the Scheduler database (DB), and it includes dependencies such as data files or output locations, save the workflow as a package (.yxzp file) to help ensure it will run properly on the Scheduler DB. Then, schedule the app or workflow package from the View Schedules window.

To schedule an app or workflow package:

  1. Click Workflows.
  2. Click.
  3. On your computer, find the saved workflow you want to schedule and double-click to select it.
  4. Complete the Schedule details. See Schedule Workflows.



Christian Rincon
Manager, Customer Support
Alteryx, Inc.