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Alteryx Designer Free Trial Page Error



I am trying to access the free trial version of Alteryx and when I fell all my details and go to the next page, it throws a error message. I tried submitting a ticket but that failed too. Is there any other way to request for a free license ?



Alteryx Partner

When first signing up I had a similar issue. It turned out to be the browser I was using had some weird behaviour with the dynamic elements on the page. If you have them installed, try using Firefox or Edge. If that fails too, try an incognito/private browsing tab. I found that some combination of these two allowed me to request and receive a trial license.


Hope this helps,



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



Can you please post a screenshot of the error you are getting?


Can you attempt another browser?


Is you company blocking the download?




Thank you for replying. 

I tried using other browsers but it didn't work as well. 

I have attached the screenshot here. 


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



I would make sure that your company has whitelisted as it is more than likely your network is blocking the download. If you confirm that your network is not blocking the download, please reach out to for assistance.