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Alteryx Demo for Students 15 -18

Alteryx Partner

Hi all!


Just wondering if anybody has any interesting demo ideas or interactive uses of Designer?


We are showcasing Alteryx as a skill at a skills show for young students aged around 15-18 and will have a laptop and a screen available. We want to engage students with a data set they can relate to, but finding it hard to come up with something that they will be able to understand and will find interesting. A snippet of a use case from a big brand could be good but is proving to be difficult.


Any ideas would be amazing! We will upload whatever we end up doing so that anybody else can use it if they end up doing a similar thing. 


Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner

My first thought would be connecting to an API and using the Insight Tool or Data Investigation tool to answer questions.


There are APIs for almost anything these days (be it Pokemon, music, Rick and Morty, superheroes, etc). So I would use whatever data the kids are interested in these days and attempt to build a dashboard using the Insight tool / graphs using the Interactive Chart tool.


Spatial data is good too. People like maps.