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Alteryx Connection to SQL Server ODBC Driver

5 - Atom

Version: Alteryx 2020.4

After installing the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client - QFE driver

Now I can get to the process of selecting a DB connection, but, when testing connection I get this error.

Is there anything else that needs to be setup? ODBC connection?




8 - Asteroid

@HectorGuzman : Here I share solution


  1. Install the driver. For both DSN and DSN-less connections, you must have the driver installed on the machine. The download links to many of the drivers can be found here.
  2. Additionally, for DSN connections, ensure the DSN is also set up.
    1. In ODBC Data Sources (64 bit) window select to add from either the User DSN or System DSN tab. Generally, the User DSN is what most users will have access to and what is commonly used. You can learn more about the difference between User and System DSNs here. If you are setting this up on a Server, you must use a System DSN.
    2.  The following Community article will provide you step by step instructions on how to set up an ODBC connection.

Additional Resources  How to format common ODBC DSN-less connection strings