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Alteryx Connection To MySQL Database Sends More Queries Than I'm Asking It To?


To protect the performance of our large scale database we have limits on the number of queries per hour. At the moment I'm allowed to hit 100 queries per hour which I think is more than reasonable.


When I go do some queries in MySQL workbench they run beautifully, I then transition to Alteryx to start automating pulling the data for analysis. My problem is that the second Alteryx gets involved I immediately get hit with the error:


alteryx database error.PNG


And then I'm even locked out of MySQL Workbench for an hour until my counter resets. Can anyone break down what Alteryx Designer is doing in the background to cause such a flood of queries? 


Just out of curiosity, have you tried using the in-database input tool instead of a "regular" input tool? MySQL was added to In-DB tools in 2018.2, so if you are on that version or higher you can give it a go. Not that it answers your questions directly, but could be an alternative path to take.


What happens if you create a workflow with an input tool to the same database and limit the input tool to take in just 1 record. Stick a browse tool onto the input and try to schedule it. Does it still fail and take up all your 100 resources?

Good luck!


I've actually been trying to use the in-db tools for a month or two but it turns out that MySQL actually ISN'T supported if hosted on Amazon Aurora. I don't know what causes that bug but that little nugget ate up a good bit of time to learn.


I'll have to experiment with limiting the results.


I'm assuming it's 1 connection/query to open the query generator, another to hit the refresh button, etc but I was just surprised I was taking up so many queries so fast.


Scheduling the query is actually a really good idea, then I'll have the results available and I can count how many times it made it through. Thanks!


I'm sure you've seen this and have the correct driver installed etc.,?

Still sounds a bit wonky that it will consume all 100 just by opening the generator and fetching the data. Good luck, hope you'll keep us posted in what happens with the schedules.