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Alteryx Connect to TumbleWeed Server


Hi Friends,


I am having two excel files. I need to use Alteryx to drop these file to TumbleWeed Server. Basically i am dropping the files to TumbleWeed Server for the Process Automation to Sync with other running jobs. Can you please help me to solve this issue.




Hey @aysha6029,


I'm not familiar with Tumbleweed - how would you normally push files to it if you were not using Alteryx  (e.g. do you pop them onto a network share, or is here a user interface or an API that you use?)


If it's a network share, that's fairly easy - just use an output tool to write to this network share.   if it's a UI, then you're going to have to use a 3rd party automation tool like AutoHotkey to key-stroke the actions into the application to take the files you created.



i did try using FTP , SFTP to the Server but that was not working as well..

Hey @aysha6029


When doing this outside of Alteryx (the way you normally use it)- how do you push data into Tumbleweed - do you use a UI, or some kind of digital connection (a network share; API; etc)?

Do you know what kinds of connectivity Tumbleweed offers?

i havent pushed any data to tumbleweed server.. but i am required to do now

Has this been resolved for you? I am trying to push and pull data from tumbleweed sftp server but cannot determine how to get the full absolute path to the folder. If I have a way to know that then it should work using the Download tool