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Alteryx Chained App with selection

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


Trust you are doing well.


I have a question, I have created 4 applications for a client that are located in a specific directory. Eg.




My client currently chooses which application to run and then opens it.


What i would like to do is use a directory tool, list the application under a list box and allow the client to select which application to run.

however i am having difficulty trying to chain the app based on the selection.


as usually under events you can add in the path of the app to run.


Is it possible to run a chained app based on the selection from the first app?


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Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

This post is on a very similar topic and may provide a solution for you:


Alteryx Partner

Hi Ben


Thanks, that link was useful, I was able to create a batch file and call upon it based on my selection, 

however i am encountering another Error, it seems like the chained App works fine for the first selection (A01 - Sales Data,yxwz), however if i choose the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. nothing happens, no App is opened.



My options are :
A01 - Sales Data.yxwz
B01 - Inventory Data.yxwz
C01 - Ranging Data.yxwz
D01 - Scorecard Data.yxwz


many thanks,

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