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Alteryx Chained App - Running next App even with errors.

7 - Meteor



I am currently running a chained app of 4 workflows, however I realized that some of these workflows might produce errors on some parts of the workflow but do not disturb it. My question is, is there a way to make the chained app continue working even if one of the workflows produces an error?


The option states "Run another analytic app on success" so I assumed that the App doesn't run the subsequent App if an error came out.


Many thanks!


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Take a look at the Runner macros that are part of the Crew Macro pack! Essentially, it'll run workflows sequentially after completion.


This article outlines a couple of different processes for chaining workflows:


Download for the Crew macros can be found here:


Hope this helps!

7 - Meteor

Thank you so much for your reply!


However, I would eventually want to upload this to the private gallery and it says the CreW macros would over-utilize the resources.

Additionally, I am not sure how to use the Events and run commands to get the location of another workflow on the server itself. 


Would there be any solution to actually make workflows through Analytics App to run after each other even if one of them had errors?