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Alteryx Certification

5 - Atom

Hello Everyone,


I am enjoying learning about Alteryx in class at CSUF. It is great learning how to understand workflows and using Alteryx. For class we have to pass the Alteryx certification exam. What are some of the ways you recommend preparing for that?


Thank you,



15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @revini05 ,


there is a lot of outstanding learning material available in Alteryx Academy.


Especially for certification, there is a series of video training sessions.

Core Certification:

Advanced Certification:


In addition, I would highly recommend to review/solve some of the weekly challenges, depending your the level of knowledge you can select by "Level of Difficulty". 
You'll find a complete list here. 

In the certification guides there are links to Lessons in the "Interactive Sessions" section of Alteryx Academy (starting on page 9 for Core Certification, also for Advance Cerification). 


A good preparation for the exam btw. is to take the exam - you'll learn while taking the exam and even if you do not succeed the first time, you'll benefit the next try. 


Hope this is helpful and good luck.





5 - Atom

thank you very much.