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Alteryx Azure Data Lake tools not installing

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I just downloaded the Azure Data Lake tools from!app/Azure-Data-Lake-Tools/5b1fffbd8a93371030bcfedc

and the installation should be straightforward with just clicking the azure_data_lake_v1.0.0.yxi file but i get no error but it just says it is installing, when i click the ok button it just starts the installation over again.


Please help me on how to do this!


Hi @Liam,


Thank you for reaching out on Community.  We are actively tracking this issue right now.  Could you please send an email to and we can help get you squared away.




Kyle Bradley | Customer Support Engineer   

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Hi HyleB


The problem is resolved.



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How did you resolve this - I am having problems installing this. 


As user it say s

downloads python package

says it found PIP-9.0.1

uninstalls this 

Installing python dependencies

Fails with An error occured during installation of the python tool. Exception: 


I think this is for the input tool. I then get a repeat as it tries to install the output tool.


Any help appreciated




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi All


I have the same issue. What's the resolution for this?




6 - Meteoroid

I tried downloading


  1. Download the ADLS tool

and then there was nothing to "execute" once I got the files locally (folder was 'azure_data_lake_v1.0.2'). Directions on this are terrible.


I tried doing it from the gallery....


  1. Log into the Alteryx Gallery
    1. File>Open Workflow>Alteryx Galley  (requires uid/pwd)
  2. Search for “AZURE”
  3. Choose Azure data lake Tools - but I cannot because its greyed out: “This workflow cannot be opened because the owner has disabled download”
6 - Meteoroid
My problem was that I was not using administrative privileges when installing the software. -russ

Russ Harris
Analytics Manager
Mars/Wrigley Confections

I had some problems installing the connector too. After a little back and forth with the Alteryx support desk, I was given a good idea on how to make this happen.


  • Change the extension to the package to .zip
  • Unzip everything into a directory
  • Look for and change requirements.txt so that all versions are >= rather than ==

ex. azure_data_lake_input_v1.0.2/requirements.txt:

azure-common==1.1.14 became azure-common>=1.1.14


  • Zip up the contents and change the extension back to .yxi
  • Install

Hopefully they'll roll out a new version so that it the libraries it depends on uses a minimum version or higher rather than a strict version number



6 - Meteoroid

Thanks for this.


I tried the suggestion (find + replace == with >= in both requirements.txt) but not getting another error:


Tool Installer Error: Unable to find a configuration file


If I have to guess, you used the Windows to extract the .zip, edited the files, then zipped it back up. That might miss something. I used 7Zip to open the .zip file, edited it, saved it all and installed it.