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Alteryx - ArcGis Comparison

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How would you compare Alteryx GeoSpacial Tools to ArcGis? 

What are the main similarities and limitations? 


Best Regards , 


Erich Shiino

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Erich,


It’s not an apples to apples comparison.  ArcGIS is a geographic information system for managing, analyzing, and sharing geospatial data, both raster (imagery) as well as vector (geometric) data.  GIS data is shared in common formats, some are based on an open standard, and some are proprietary (only for use within a commercial GIS application). 


Alteryx is not a GIS software by definition.  Alteryx includes easy to use geo-spatial capabilities to augment data analytics (both prescriptive and predictive) that meet the need of most business and data analysts.  Alteryx may not be a complete replacement of a GIS system, rather can be complementary for many organizations.  It is totally dependent on the needs of the user and sophistication of the use cases.


From a capabilities perspective, Alteryx:


  1. offers the ability to manage geo-spatial data in many geo-spatial formats, including Shapefiles, FGDB, MapInfo Tab files, and more
  2. allows you to easily and quickly prep and blend data coming from many sources and formats, including spatial and non-spatial data formats.
  3. enables you to analyze geo-spatial data with popular and powerful spatial analytic tools such as Buffering (drive-time), Distance calculation, Heat maps, point in poly, and much more.
  4. offers ready to use location and business data to help businesses locate their customers, visualize data on top of a street basemap, and calculate drive-time distances, as well as enrich their data with demographics, consumer behavior and segmentation data at detailed precision.  This helps businesses make accurate decisions using the data with these capabilities.


Please let us know if this is helpful.